Working together within and across the borders for Budapest’s year of books

The project team working on the application ‘Budapest for World Book Capital 2023’ contacted the authors of Mexico’s application. The Mexican city of Guadalajara won the title last year and will be World Book Capital between 23 April 2022 and 22 April 2023.

The cooperation effort in preparing and developing the programme had been exemplary, Dr Péter Fodor said. The Director-General of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library added: ‘It was not only the Hungarian organisations active in the book industry and reading culture that helped us formulate the core messages, the strategic directions and the focal points of the programme. Foreign cities twinned with Budapest, libraries and several Hungarian sectoral organisations from across the Carpathian Basin support our application to win the World Book Capital 2023 title and for our capital to host a whole year of rich and diverse programmes.’

If its application wins, Budapest intends to continue working with a wide range of international partners.