About us

Make Budapest World Book Capital in 2023!

The Municipality of Budapest has applied for the title of UNESCO, World Book Capital, so that in 2023 we can convey the message of freedom, responsible action and the power of community to the whole world through books.


Our Messages

Books are freedom

Freedom, responsibility and solidarity: the pandemic has changed human relationships and social dynamics. The pandemic represents a new challenge and a new opportunity for the book industry.

Books are bridges

The meeting of, and the connections between, people, ideas and cultures through space and time: between individuals, between the past and the present, between the present and the future.

Books are action

The protection of the climate the envvironment and of communities: thinking is a responsibility readers are responsible for their environment and the well-being of their physical and mental surroundings. Books play a role in awakening a sense of social issues and democratic deficits, and reading opens ways towards a more liveable world and more empathetic societies.